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#STAYHOME Chronicles

Hello Glow Up Gyrl friends!

I've been planning to start the Glow Up, Gyrl blog for one sometime now. Doing the whole content calendar thing, sourcing images, etc. Over planning like I often do :-).

Anyway, the time just felt right to start to share my thoughts with my GUG friends.

I know this is an uncertain time for us all; however, it is also a great time for us all to embrace the opportunity for growth in our lives. This is a moment to let our faith overtake our fear and spend these the following days, weeks or months becoming a better version of you than you were when this started. "Bloom where you are planted" comes to mind. The phrase essentially means you should take advantage of the opportunities you have in your life and be grateful for your present situation.

I have chosen to look at this as an opportunity to do three things: reconnect, refocus and recharge.

Reconnecting with God, my spouse and family; I was living the burnout life prior to now; going full speed ahead, 24 hours of the day and having chats with God and my family, versus conversations.

Refocusing my priorities on the things that matter in my life

Recharging mentally, spiritually and physically; as a member of the "third-shift", who also happens to play on the "morning person"team; (4:40 a.m. to be exact), it's been great to sleep till 6:30 a.m. and then start my day with a workout before going downstairs to work.

I'm taking each day one moment at a time. I'm thankful for and enjoying every moment with my hubby and Max (fur baby). We've implemented conversation starter cards daily (there are 88 of them, so we plan to do one each day we're in self-quarantine). I'm also reading more than I was, journalling daily and working out twice a day.

There are plenty more things I could tell you and I'll share more; however, today importantly, I wanted you all to know that I'm here for you who are a part of the GUG community.

Now, I can't promise you that I'll blog daily, as I'm a bit old school and love writing in my journal, but I will drop in as often as I can and maybe even bring some special guests to the party to share their #stayhomechronicles.

Remember to enjoy this life and these moments and to bloom where you are currently planted.

Happy blooming,


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