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 Amplifying Women's Stories.


Join the Glow Up, Gyrl 
Podcast Network

The need for women telling their stories continues to grow in the podcast community.

We crave stories with meaning from voices we can trust.

According to the Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Fall 2021 Report: Podcast newcomers who started listening last year are more likely to be women. 60% of those who began listening to podcasts in the last year are women. Women represent 43% of the audience who began listening to podcasts four or more years ago, the podcast pioneers.

The goal of the Glow Up, Gyrl Podcast Network is designed to amplify the voices of women and girls by creating a network exclusively for women creators of all ages, races, cultures and experiences.

Your voice matters. Your stories matter.
Now's the time to start your podcast journey. . . and  we're here to help you amplify it. 

This is an open invitation to women creators of the world - we'd love to showcase your work.

To join us, please fill out our quick submission form.

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Need Help Launching Your Podcast?

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Podcast Starter Kit

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Let's Talk

"You don't want to just make a good podcast, let me help you make a great podcast."

Kyra Mitchell Lewis
Creator and Host of The Glow Up, Gyrl Podcast. 

There are now more than 1 million podcasts in existence.
This means more listeners, and more shows competing for their attention. You need an effective podcast launch strategy if you want to find your community. I can help you l
aunch a meaningful and relevant show from the start following the six steps below.  

Here's how we'll work together.

Sign me up!

Complete the form below and
lets talk about how I can help you get started!

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