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YOU-volution Summit

Session Descriptions

Virtual Team Meeting

Your Resilience Toolkit: 4 Surprising Skills to Set You Up for Strength in Any Situation

KAT Headshot - Kourtney Thomas.jpg
Meet Kourtney 
Kourtney Thomas

What’s in your toolkit? As women in business, we find ourselves faced with both new and amplified challenges on the daily. Overwhelm and obligations for work, home, and self don’t go away, but our sense of how to deal with them in the face of change, uncertainty, and isolation can falter. Set up for success with 4 unexpected (but wildly effective) ways to get grounded, stand strong, and respond quickly, confidently, and authentically – no matter the situation.



  • Understand your personal foundation – and why it’s so important for building resilience

  • Discover the best way to stay connected to your purpose and vision

  • Learn the most important and effective skills to integrate into your daily life for better outcomes everywhere

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Diann Wingert  - Diann Wingert.jpg
Diann Wingert

A growing number of women are opting for the unstable, insecure, risky, and exciting path of working for themselves, either in collaboration with others, or flying solo. Most of them would choose to do it again, even if they aren't experiencing the level of success they set out for.


Choosing the path of self-employment typically means financial instability and insecurity, social and emotional isolation, added stress and pressure on romantic/intimate relationships and increased challenges with mental health, but certain personal attributes may contribute to both choosing the entrepreneurial path and being successful as an entrepreneur.


I don't believe there is one type of person who is destined to be an entrepreneur, nor do I believe that all entrepreneurs are alike. There are many different paths to entrepreneurship and many different personalities that succeed in this lifestyle. But what I do believe is that there are several personality attributes or characteristics that predict your success as an entrepreneur, and even if you were born with them, they can be learned

Meditate Your Way To Peace 

Corporate  (2) - Emily Adams.jpg
Emily Adams

Meditation changed my life during covid-19 and I want to share a little bit about that and also break down how easy meditation really is and talk about some of the common myths around meditation. I would also like to walk them through a meditation along with some journaling at the end so they can see how impactful it can be and how easy it really is. I would also provide them with resources on all the different kind of meditations there are and teach them how to meditate even when they are in public or at work or somewhere they may not be able to close their eyes.

Glownote Presentation & Q&A
Now Is the Time!

L.Y. Be Brave - cropped.jpg
Meet L . Y. 
L . Y. Marlow

Speak Up Dammit, Finding YOUR Voice

Hope headshot - Matt Timberlake.jpg
Hope Timberlake
Meet Hope

In a professional setting, you may follow the rules and understand what is expected of you but the reality is this: the expectations are often more than the bullet points in a job description. You know you should contribute during meetings, but obstacles arise. You may not get a seat at the table–or even feel heard when you arrive. You may be interrupted. Or worry about rambling. Or simply feel too intimidated.


In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for: -

  • Cultivating courage

  • Sharing persuasive content

  • Demonstrating executive presence, and

  • Overcoming obstacles

Developing an Organized Mindset

LMW headshot - Lucy Wahl.jpg
Lucy Milligan Wahl
Meet Lucy

There are a ton of organizing hacks and tricks out there... but who has time to try them all? The shortcut to living organized, and saving your precious time and energy for the things that really matter, is to develop an organized mindset. In this presentation, Lucy delves deep into the reasons why the classic organizing strategies work, and how you can reframe the way you think about your home to adopt an organized mindset.

Me First: Going From Burnout to Balance So You Can Thrive Guilt-Free

Bio photo - Susan Crawford.jpg
Susan Crawford
Meet Susan

We are living in unprecedented times and many of us are in desperate need of a reset. With the collision of work and home due to the global pandemic, now more than ever women are challenged with managing the overwhelming demands of our lives and taking care of our emotional, physical, and mental health. Imagine what it would feel like to hit the "reset" button and get back into balance in your unique way. This session will give you simple and practical tools to help you recognize and combat burnout so that you can manage the daily stressors with grace, patience, and radical self-love. Learn how to show up for yourself first so that you can think and feel at your best at home and work, every day.


You will learn:

  • Signs and symptoms of physical, emotional, and psychological fatigue and
    what to do to avoid burnout and find balance

  •  Manage the tsunami of emotions that cause burnout with effective mindset strategies
    to help you thrive, not just survive during these challenging times

  • Guilt-free, restorative self-love practices that will prioritize your well-being so
    that you can protect your peace, unapologetically

    This session will deepen your self-awareness, boost your self-compassion and calm the chaos within so that you can focus on what really matters - YOU!

Empowered Resilience: Clarity, Confidence & Courage to Rise As Your Most
Resilient Self

Kim-9495_Resize - K Rao.jpg
Kimberly Smith

A 30-minute Masterclass where we dive deep into:

✨The truth about our desire for more, and what stands in our way.

✨The secret ingredient to live with MORE COURAGE!

✨My recipe for Empowered Resilience: 3 Keys to more clarity, confidence, and courage so you can embrace your desire for more, and bring your big dreams into reality!

Shine Brighter: From Stress to Success.

Lisha_Davidovits_Head_Shot - Lisha Davidovits.jpg
Meet Lisha 
Lisha Davidovits

Imagine your daily stresses are like huge mountains you have to climb and your inner critic like heavy ankle weights making each step even more challenging. Learn to quiet your inner critic, to make the ascent much easier, and set yourself up for greater success now and in the future…with less anxiety and frustration.


That’s the power of strengthening your mental fitness. Just like climbing a mountain is more physically taxing when you’re not physically fit, personal and professional challenges are more mentally stressful when you’re not mentally fit. This workshop is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science, and Positive Intelligence® research and findings.


During the workshop, participants will: 

  • Learn about positive mental muscles (Sage) versus negative (Saboteur) and their
    impact on themselves and their lives 

  • Shine the light on the root sources of their stress and tension (Saboteurs such as
    Controller, Stickler, Hyper-Vigilant, and Hyper-Rational)

  • Learn powerful ways to weaken their Saboteurs and strengthen their Sage

  • Discover how to overcome challenges in ways that lead to greater success, happiness, and peace of mind

Glow Panel Discussion

2021 Kristie Anderson Headshot.jpg
IMG_0263 - Christine Woodward.jpg
Kristie Anderson
Christine Woodward
Danielle headshot - Danielle deShaw.png
Danielle Joworski

Join some of today's most inspiring thought leaders as they discuss their personal growth journeys in their career and personal spaces. Hear how growth, clarity, and living in purpose helped them create lives they love. 

Meet Danielle
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