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About the Course

In a professional setting, you may follow the rules and understand what is expected of you but the reality is this: the expectations are often more than the bullet points in a job description. You know you should contribute during meetings, but obstacles arise. You may not get a seat at the table–or even feel heard when you arrive. You may be interrupted. Or worry about rambling. Or simply feel too intimidated.

In this workshop we will discuss strategies for:
- Cultivating courage,
- Sharing persuasive content,
- Demonstrating executive presence, and
- Overcoming obstacles

Your Instructor

Hope Timberlake

Hope Timberlake is a Speaker, Trainer, and Author who focuses on persuasive communication and leadership development. Her keynotes and training center on executive presence, relationship building, and developing others.

Hope has worked with a wide range of individuals and teams from many companies including AirBnB, Bank of America, Deloitte, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Nestlé.

Her book, Speak Up, Dammit! How to Quiet Your Fears, Polish Your Presence, and Share Your Voice provides inspiration, best practices, and exercises for women and "onlys" to share their voice at work.

Hope Timberlake
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