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About the Course

We are living in unprecedented times and many of us are in desperate need of a reset. With the collision of work and home due to the global pandemic, now more than ever women are challenged with managing the overwhelming demands of our lives and taking care of our emotional, physical and mental health. Imagine what it would feel like to hit the "reset" button and get back into balance in your unique way. This session will give you simple and practical tools to help you recognize and combat burnout so that you can manage the daily stressors with grace, patience and radical self-love. Learn how to show up for yourself first so that you can think and feel at your best at home and work, everyday.

You will learn:

- Signs and symptoms of physical, emotional and psychological fatigue and what to do to avoid burnout and find balance
- Manage the tsunami of emotions that cause burnout with effective mindset strategies to help you thrive, not just survive during these challenging times
- Guilt-free, restorative self-love practices that will prioritize your well being so that you can protect your peace, unapologetically

This session will deepen your self-awareness, boost your self-compassion and calm the chaos within so that you can focus on what really matters - YOU!

Your Instructor

Susan Crawford

Susan Crawford is a dynamic coach, facilitator and speaker. She is the founder of Meraki Inspired Coaching & Consultation and a fiercely courageous trailblazer who left her corporate job to create a life that set her soul on fire. Susan wants to inspire a generation of women to ditch conformity and self-compromise so they can live an unapologetic, unconventional and unf*ckwithable life, fully expressed.

Susan Crawford
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