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Let Me Help You CreateYours.

Do you feel like your business is in a sea of the same? Lot's of people with similar focuses, offers, etc.


But you know what? Just because you do something that is similar to someone else, it doesn't mean you're the same. You have a unique gift and ability that only YOU bring to the table and that message deserves to be heard.


I know you might be saying "sure Kyra, but how am I supposed to run my business and come up with a great marketing story?" 

Has anyone ever told you,  you ask great questions? Well, that's where I come in. 


Let Me Help You Connect the Dots of Your Story. 

Growing a business is hard, and you have enough on your plate. 


Plus, I'm sure you would rather be spending time transforming your clients'  than worrying if your messaging for your email or Instagram post will connect to your audience and  lead to more business.

Leave the storytelling to me, and you can get back to doing what you love most!

Expert messaging guidance  

Owner, Kyra Mitchell Lewis is a Marketing Maven with over 20 years of experience

1:1 Content Strategy Session

Struggling to stand out in a sea of same and get REAL results from your Content Strategy?

Let’s create your Content Marketing Strategy Plan in just one session. Walk away with a solid strategy that lands you the right clients.

Whether you’re creating blogs, sales materials, videos, or social media posts, if you’re not seeing a return on the time you put in, chances are you need a more concrete strategy.​ Until you have a solid strategy you’re not going to see it turn into paying customers. And we all know staying motivated and focused can be hard if you're not seeing a return on your investment, both time and money.


  • Are you struggling to get leads and book discovery calls from your website and social media posts?

  • Are you blogging but getting the wrong people enquiring about your packages?

  • Are you spending money on Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, but not making any sales?

Let me help you create a content strategy that attracts the audience you want to your website and
provides  you with core content for social media and generates leads 


Drop me a note on the form below or book your 15-minute discovery call HERE

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