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About the Course

For a long time in her early 20’s Brielle watched other people, who seemingly had all of the answers, put their creative ideas into motion. They made films, released music, addressed crowds with their keynote speeches. She watched in amazement and admiration as she too had these ideas but wasn’t quite sure how to get the key in the ignition. In this discussion, Brielle and Kyra will discuss how to transform your ideas into action, the importance of finding your village, and asking for support along your journey.

Your Instructor

Brielle Brown

Brielle Brown is a writer, recording artist, and creative music consultant based in the greater NYC area where she lives with her husband and her young twin children.
Her debut EP release The Well has been described as a “a picture of ethereal femininity” “a game-changer for the indie singer/songwriter circuit” and “spell-bounding, unapologetically unguarded and naturally transcendent”. The EP is currently nominated in both Americana Highways top releases for June 2021 and Indie Shark’s Album of the year competitions. Her debut single, “Concrete Stars” won an honorable mention in 2020’s International Songwriting Competition. The collection, most of which was recorded live in one day, is an introspective journey weaving in thoughts on womanhood to motherhood, theories of quantum mechanics, consciousness, hope, grief.

Her soulful and contemplative writings have been featured in networks such as VH1, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and NBC and she is represented by Sweets and Pop music licensing. Her co-writes have garnered over a half million streams on Spotify. Brielle has spent the past decade focused on artist development, guiding other singers and entertainers through the complex world of artistry. She and her husband, two time Grammy winner Marc Swersky, run their company Monocentric Music together from their home in Monmouth County NJ. In recent years she’s helped to develop many artists including two who have landed runner up and finalist spots on NBC’s The Voice. She is the current Creative Director for multiple emerging artists.

Brielle is a graduate of The New School University where she received a BFA studying Theater and Psychology, along with a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies. She is also a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NYC. She is a former early childhood educator and spent many years in both clinical and classroom settings working with special needs populations in the field of music therapy, using music as a healing tool to enhance overall health and well-being. She currently sits on the Steering Committee for the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

Forever on a mission to master the balancing act of motherhood, workinghood and artisthood, Brielle continues to build her creative network of female entrepreneurs and working mothers and has found empowerment and solace in this growing community.

Brielle Brown
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